Research Proposal & Poster Presentation


Current Topics in Social Psychology – Psychology of the Self
Dr. Michael Inzlicht
Fall 2007
Monday 11:00-1:00 MW 262

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Research Proposal & Poster Presentation | Writing Assignment Guidelines
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You will form into groups of two and each group will submit an 8-10 pages, typed, double-spaced experimental research proposal in which you review a body of literature, describe research hypotheses which extend this literature, and propose a study which will test these hypotheses. Which literature you focus on is up to you, though it must relate to the self (and from a social psychological perspective). You should consult with me when choosing your topic, and as your paper progresses. I must approve all paper topics. This is just a proposal; no data needs to be collected. Details of the assignment will be specified later, but you should start thinking about the topic as early in the semester as possible.

This paper is due during Finals Week. I encourage you to use this paper as an opportunity to apply the social psychological methods that you will learn to a topic in psychology about which you care deeply. The term paper must be received by no later than 4:30pm on Monday December 11th. On the last day of class, you will also give a formal poster presentation of your research, much in the style of a poster presentation at a professional conference.

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